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Advent am Mondsee
Mondsee Hideaway

The nicest time of the year

Advent at the Iris Porsche Hotel & Restaurant

The anticipation of winter at Mondseeland. Anticipation of the most thought-provoking time of the year. This feeling is portrayed in the atmosphere of “Advent in Mondsee,” in the most special way. Advent in Mondsee is unique in many ways. This is not only because of the stunning basilica and the historical cloister, but more so due to the small and subtle features, which attract thousands of visitors to Mondsee every winter. Be a part of it and experience winter romance and a tranquil atmosphere on the lakeside shore of Mondsee.

All sorts of pre-Christmas highlights

A special event during Advent in Mondsee is the famous ”Perchtenlauf.” With many spectacular scenes and loud roars, the wild journeymen make their way through the town and the onlookers get an insight into the tradition of ”Perchtenpassen” with their mainly handmade masks. On the 4th Sunday of Advent, we bring Christmas a little bit closer with the much-loved diving for Christmas trees. The Advent market in Mondsee has been combined with many cherished traditions and brings joy to both locals and visitors from further afield. Above all, the traditional way of life, the handicrafts and just standing side by side with one another.

Are you already in a Christmas mood?

Well you will be as soon you check in to the Iris Porsche Hotel & Restaurant  and wander through the romantic Mondsee Advent market. This will surely put you in a reflective mood. If you want to really enjoy and have a romantic pre-Christmas period, then be our guest in Mondseeland at the Iris Porsche Hotel & Restaurant.

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