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Mondseer Jedermann
Mondsee Hideaway

Staged at wonderful Mondsee

The Mondseer “Jedermann” (Everyman) Play

At that time, when the Salzburg Festival was founded, not everyone could afford to attend this most exciting event in the old town of Salzburg. The then play organiser of the Salzburger Jedermanns, Franz Löser had the idea to write a local dialect version of this well known play for the “common people.” The author Hugo von Hofmannsthal was in agreement and this is how Lösers dialect version came into being and was first performed in an open-air theatre in Mondsee.

Famous and much loved

The Mondseer Jedermann play became famous through the legendary performance by the married couple, Bunk. Just like every summer, the calls will echo again this summer for the “Jedermann” play at Mondsee on Saturday evenings. Since 1922, with the permission of the author Hugo von Hofmannsthal, the local dialect version of the play by Franz Löser has been performed on six evenings at the Mondsee Karlsgarten, one of the most beautiful natural stages in Austria. What is amazing is that this play has remained timeless over 90 years.

And this is what the play is about

“The plot of Everyman is as follows: after two loud notes on the brass the prologue announces that the story has a moral. Next, God declares his disappointment with the sins of humankind, and He asks Death to fetch Everyman, who will stand for mankind. The bells chime the interval of a fourth.

Soon we see Everyman admiring his possessions. He turns beggars away from his door and delivers a eulogy to Mammon. His mother begs him to do penance, but Everyman is more interested in a coming celebration, which the music anticipates. Now comes the song Me kutsun saimme (We’ve received an invitation) which utilises a church mode (the Aeolian mode). Everyman has forebodings of evil, but he is cheered up with new songs. During a love song Everyman once again hears the chimes sounding his death knell, and he gulps down more wine. Finally Death arrives to carry out his task. Everyman begs for somebody to accompany him on his last journey. The servants follow him, carrying his money chest, but when Death approaches the servants flee. Mammon, who rises from the money chest, has no intention of following Everyman to the grave either.

Neither can Good Works - or the personification of them - help Everyman, since he is in such a sorry state after his sinful life. He suggests that his sister, Faith, could be the solution. With her help Everyman finally repents and prays. The Devil continues to torment him – and it was this very scene that drove Sibelius to desperation, as the music and the entry of the Devil did not always coincide in the stage performances. The Devil's music is fascinatingly chromatic. However, the bells tell us that the Devil has been defeated and that eternal life is beginning for Everyman. He enters his grave, accompanied by Good Works. The male choir finally makes its entry with the song of the angels.”


An overview - Mondseer Jedermann Play

Performance Dates 2017
Admission Fees
Performance Dates 2017JULI:
Saturday 15th July 2017
Saturday 22nd July 2017
Saturday 29th July 2017

AUGUST: Saturday 12th August 2017
Saturday 19th August 2017
Saturday 26th August 2017
Starts 8:30pm and ends at appox.10.15pm
Admission FeesCategory 1 (Rows 1 – 10):
Presale – €20
Box Office €24

Category 2 (Rows 11 – 20):
Presale €18
Box office €22
Children under 12 years of age pay half price.

One of the most beautiful natural stages in Austria

The performance venue, the ”Freilichtbühne im Karlsgarten“ (open-air stage in Karlsgarten) is one of the most beautiful natural stages in Austria. Only in an extreme emergency (bad weather) will the venue be changed to the back up venue of the SALA Castle, Mondsee! On performance days, the audience will be informed by 6pm at the very latest as to where the performance will take place.

Are you interested in seeing the legendary Mondsee Jedermann play? For more information please contact us at the reception of the Iris Porsche Hotel & Restaurant. Our team will be more than happy to offer any help and advice and answer any possible questions which you may have. Contact us now, send us a non-binding enquiry or book your room online.