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Holiday in the Salzkammergut region

The Salzkammergut

It is the contrasts, which make the Salzkammergut one of the most attractive regions in Austria. Where nature charms you, where you can relax and feel good, that is the Salzkammergut. From the beautiful plateaus of the Alpine foothills, the blue water of 76 lakes, the lovely mountain pastures and high plains to the rugged Dachstein chalk cliffs, the “Tote” mountain range, the Sensen mountains and Höllen mountain ranges. The Salzkammergut is not short of visual stimuli, contrasts and inspiration.

Tradition and culture

The region of lakes and salt has many decades of tradition and has been popular with visitors throughout the whole world for all this time. Marvel at the culture and become part of the local customs and traditions. In summer and in winter the Iris Porsche Hotel & Restaurant is the perfect departing point for action-packed days in Salzkammergut. Look forward to the lake festivals, the handicraft markets or the world famous Salzburg Festival in the very close-by-city of Mozart. Handicraft and tradition will also amaze you in winter, in the season of wonderful Christmas and Advent markets. It is always the season for visiting the well-known artistic and cultural monuments and sights of the Mozart city of Salzburg.

Recreation, Sport and Activities

The land of lakes, hills and mountains, a playground for those who cannot sit still. Hop on a bike and ride to the most beautiful spots of 76 lakes of the Salzkammergut or tie up your hiking boot laces and discover up to 4,000 km of signposted hiking routes. These lead you to quaint mountain huts, where you can try various regional delicacies. There are up to 13 golf courses in and around the surrounding area of the Iris Porsche Hotel & Restaurant, where you can swing your golf club with lakes and mountains as your stunning backdrop. The Salzkammergut has a certain charm in winter. There are many ski resorts open to you, which are a maximum 40-minute drive from Mondsee. In the valley you can glide on cross-country skis or go for a winter hike and breath in the romantic winter day whilst ice skating.

Experience the highlights in Salzkammergut

  • A magical world of lakes, hills and mountains, right on our doorstep
  • Swimming, summer fun and relaxation await you on 76 lakes
  • High mountains and chulk cliffs present alpine, visual attractions
  • You can find the most beautiful spots along the 328 km Salzkammergut biking route
  • More than 4,000 signposted hiking routes, lovely mountain huts and alpine pastures
  • More than 13 golf courses in the nearby surrounding area of Mondsee
  • Art and culture at the Mondsee lake festival and Mondsee Jedermann play
  • Handicraft markets and traditional festivals in the region
  • Salzburger Festival and the world famous cultural properties only 20 minutes away
  • A lot of tradition and custom in winter - Advent markets in and around Mondsee

You should take your time…

…to enjoy the incredibly beautiful region of Salzkammergut. Regardless which time of year you come and stay at the Iris Porsche Hotel & Restaurant, it is always a great departure location for memorable days in Salzkammergut.

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