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Our philosophy

“Think global - act local” - that is our philosophy at the Iris Porsche Hotel & Restaurant. Our kitchen team are well travelled and have gathered a great amount of international experience and they think globally. In our creations we use local products and place high emphasis on the culinary specialities of our Mondseeland region.

[Translate to Englisch:] Philosophie Iris Porsche Restaurant

Classic and Fine Dining

Only the best, what goes through the hands of our committed and experienced chefs, is then served either at our restaurant or on its terrace or in Sixty7 - Food & Drinks. Drink a fine wine from our wine cellar along with your meal and the evening cannot get any better or more romantic.

[Translate to Englisch:] Klassiker & Fine Dine

Steak or vegetarian

No matter if served as a duo or all by itself, either way it is a challenge and an incentive, to always serve the best of both worlds. There is no compromising on the quality of the steaks, which speak for themselves, and we cannot be outdone on our vegetarian dishes, both in ideas and innovation.

[Translate to Englisch:] Steak & Vegetarisch

Wine cellar

In the Iris Porsche wine cellar, well kept international rarities, as well as top fine Austrian wines, await to be discovered by you. Choose your meal from our menu and we will have the best fitting wine to your choice in the back of our minds.

[Translate to Englisch:] Vinothek

Restaurant opening times

07:00 am - 10:30 am
Lunch menu
11:30 am - 05:00 pm
Business lunch
11:30 am - 02:00 pm
Monday - Friday
Fine dining evening menu
06:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Sunday brunch
11:30 am - 02:00 pm
(September till May)