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Mondsee Hideaway

“My taste” at any time

Our culinary philosophy at the Iris Porsche Hotel & Restaurant

Well-travelled and equipped with know-how from the whole world. From award-winning restaurants to cruise ships - the young and dynamic team of the Iris Porsche Hotel & Restaurant comes from further afield, from the world of international high-end gastronomy. Here in Mondseeland, we are trying to bring everything together, in order to bring our vision and philosophy of the real Salzburg hospitality and international high-end gastronomy all under one roof. Stefan Friedl and Philipp Dobler have shaped our team. The team, which will impress you - every day, from morning until evening.

Fine dining menu

“Think global - act local”

This is how we work at the Iris Porsche Hotel & Restaurant. Regionality is not just a saying, it is a motive, a driving force and our top priority. We refine fresh products from the surrounding farmers and producers and create top notch delicacies. Whether light and easy to digest, vegetarian or hearty. Morning, noon and night - our days reflect enjoyment and well-being. Try the fresh bread from local bakers, enjoy the scent of the bread fresh from the Erlach mill, try the fine cold meats from the market butcher and give yourself the Mondseeland taste sensation.

The main focus are on people

Humanity, motivation and joy at work are the keys to success. A smile on your face, impressed looks, when the taste surpasses your expectations, your well-being are our motivation. The passion for the nicest job in the world is our driving force. We pass this passion onto our apprentices each and every day, so that the clear positioning of the Iris Porsche Hotel & Restaurant is secure for future generations. Our house is a haven for temptation, a centre for enjoyment and a source of relaxation and inspiration.

Come and see for yourself and be our guest at the Iris Porsche Hotel & Restaurant. Meet our team, let yourself be spoilt and try our culinary delicacies. Please reserve a table on  +43 6232 2237-0 or email us at

Our team will be more than happy to offer any help or an advice and answer any possible questions, which you may have. Contact us now, send us a non-binding enquiry or book your room online.